Service Health

Build Status

The table below shows the current SoundByte build and release status.

Application Staging Build Production Build Staging Release Production Release
Windows 10 + Xbox One - - - -
Android - - - -
iOS - - - -
Web - - - -

Service Status

The status and uptime of various critical SoundByte Services.

Service Status Check Time
SoundByte Overview Healthy 85.9ms
Storage / CDN Healthy 85ms
Key Vault Healthy 0.3ms
SQL Database Healthy 2.7ms
Local Disk Healthy 0ms
OAuth Server Healthy 30ms

External Services

Status links to the external services that SoundByte makes use of.

Service Status Link
Azure DevOps Status
VS App Center Status
Microsoft Azure Status
Google Analytics Status
Firebase Status

Music Providers might make use of other services (such as SoundCloud or YouTube) that may go down.