SoundByte is a modern music client for Windows 10 & Xbox One supporting online streaming services such as SoundCloud and YouTube alongside local playback.

Listen to your favourite music, create and edit playlists, listen to YouTube music videos (and live streams!), find awesome new content and much more in a friendly, beautiful and simple to use music client. Best of all, no ads! Ever.

Sign in to your YouTube or SoundCloud account to access your personalized music such as likes and playlists.

SoundByte even supports advanced Windows 10 integration such as live tiles, media controls (skip or pause tracking using your keyboard), Cortana voice commands (play your liked content with ease) and Windows Timeline (continue playing your music across devices and time)!

Xbox One

Listen to your favorite music in SoundByte while also playing your favorite games on Xbox One.

Music Providers

Connect your SoundCloud and YouTube account, then listen to all of your saved music.

Local Playback

Play a wide range of media formats with SoundByte on your Windows 10 device.


With Windows Timeline and Project Rome, SoundByte allows you to connect and sync music across devices.

* Only supported on Windows 10 based devices (Xbox One and Windows 10)
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App Spotlight + Interview: SoundByte
by Sharath Ravishankar · Mar 18, 2018

A vast majority of my streaming is done from Google Play Music, but often, there's content on platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud that one generally can't find elsewhere.

After spending some time on SoundCloud's perfectly adequate website, I decided to look for an app that could better leverage Windows' media controls and give me more flexibility in a natively coded package. Mind you, I didn't really need an app, but out of curiosity and my preference for natively coded apps, I decided to look for one anyway.

This led me to New Zealand-based developer Dominic Maas' UWP project, SoundByte, that was initially made to be a SoundCloud client for Windows Phone.

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SoundByte Screenshot
SoundByte gives SoundCloud the Fluent Design treatment
by Sean Endicott · Aug 29, 2017

"Music and audio content from SoundCloud sound great but now it looks great as well with SoundByte, the Fluent-designed SoundCloud client."

Sean Endicott

SoundByte has pretty much every Fluent Design feature that we've seen leading up to the Fall Creators Update. It utilizes transparent backgrounds, hover over effects, and a transparent title bar.

Embracing these makes SoundByte a beautiful app on Windows 10 that looks natural on multiple form factors.

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Soundbyte is a beautiful SoundCloud client for Windows
by Michael Allison · Aug 12, 2017

While there is a SoundCloud client for Windows 10, like most apps in the Windows Store, there’s a much better designed third party client.

SoundByte for Windows is that client, predating the SoundCloud app for Windows, it offers much of the same functionality you would expect from a SoundCloud app. You can log in, view your account including your stream, playlists etc. The developers even made a nifty trailer for the WIndows Store to show you that they care.

Now, I’m not normally a third party client app user, nor am I a Soundcloud user on the regular, but I downloaded this app because it looked very well put together.

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