SoundByte is a SoundCloud, Fanburst and YouTube music client for Windows 10.

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SoundByte allows you to listen to music from SoundCloud, Fanburst and YouTube. With these three services, you'll be able to find all kinds of music - from the indie artists to the big guys and girls. Everything is at your finger tips!

But that's not all! You can connect your SoundCloud, Fanburst or YouTube account to access your likes and playlists. You can even like tracks or add tracks to playlists.

SoundByte v18.1 introduces a new mini-player. This mini-player will always stay ontop of any open windows (including games).

The mini player allows you to view and scrub through the current playing track. You can also shuffle or repeat the current track and even skip to the next track, or go back to the previous track.

To return back to the app, simply click the 'back' button on the top left of the screen.

SoundByte has full support for both dark and light themes, which theme do you prefer? Don't have a preference? Set the app theme to 'Default' to reflect the current system theme.

With SoundByte v18.1 you can continue playing your current song & playlist on another device with ease. Simply click the two arrows on the 'Now Playing' bar and select the device you want to play on.

SoundByte also integrates with Task View & Windows Timeline - no extra setup required! When using a supported version of Windows you can resume playing across devices or at different times.

Please Note: SoundByte must be installed on remote device to work.

With a SoundByte account you can synchronize your likes, playlists* and history across connected devices. SoundByte likes allows you to create a curated collection of liked music from SoundCloud, YouTube or Fanburst - you don't even need a SoundCloud/YouTube/Fanburst account!

Don't just take my word, here's what some SoundByte users thought about the new update.

Update improves a lot of the gripes I've had with the app; nicely done!

Craig 5 Stars

latest update is amazing, it's almost like a completely different app!

Ramesh 5 Stars

This app has incredibly improved with the latest update. It is fully Fluent Design, has support for Picture-in-picture, a very clean and intuitive interface, support for Soundcloud, YouTube and Fanburst, the animations are very good and new things such as the Soundbyte Account can be seen fairly have been introduced. In addition, the stability is very high now. Without a doubt the best app to play music and one of the best to play back movies in Windows 10, of truth that I haven't seen none as yet, and I am surprised because it should be one of the most downloaded, really. Many thanks to the developer, with an app like this the UWP potential can be seen in Windows and are all great, nothing to reproach.

Álvaro 5 Stars

Get fat update 18.01. Really good music player (Soundcloud, YouTube). Top. weiterso. ;.)

Alexander 5 Stars

Yay! Download SoundByte for your platform below.

Windows 10 / Xbox One: Microsoft Store.

Android Beta: Coming Soon...

iOS Beta: Coming Soon...

macOS Beta: Coming Soon...

I'd love to hear about it! You can either contact me through the official SoundByte channels (recomended) or through my personal accounts. Either works as I get push notifications via my phone.

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