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Welcome to the new SoundByte Privacy Dashboard. With this dashboard you will be able to see what information is collected from the SoundByte app and Website, how this information is used, how view this information and how to delete it.

This dashboard replaces the previous privacy policy. Due to this overhaul, there is no changelog between the previous privacy policy and the current policy. Any future updates will be detailed in a changelog on this page.

App Analytics

SoundByte collects both anonymous usage information and crash reports. Usage analytics can be disabled in SoundByte v18.6 or later (by clicking this link - SoundByte must be installed), crash analytics depends on your privacy settings for your operating system.

Telemetry is a vital tool to ensure that SoundByte is stable as possible, while also providing the correct features in the best place. By using the anonymous data received from these analytic services we are able to diagnose problems before they affect more people. Telemetry also helps us understand what features are being used in the app, and in what order. This allows us to optimize SoundByte to our target audience.

Crash Analytics: When SoundByte crashes, information about this crash is sent to Visual Studio App Center on app startup. This is dependent on your operating system privacy settings.

Usage Analytics: SoundByte also collects anonymous usage information about muiltiple aspects of the app. This includes current playing songs (service provider type, nothing is collected about the actual song), if your logged in or not, which pages are navigated to etc.

These analytics are sent to Google Analytics and Visual Studio App Center

SoundByte also collects some anonymous information on startup such as App Version, Platform, Device Type (Desktop, Xbox, Mobile), and OS Version. This information is used to help provide the app with the required keys it needs to function correctly. This information cannot be used to track you and is not shared with any 3rd party services.

SoundByte Account: If using a SoundByte Account, some extra information may be collected such as the amount of times you have listened to a song, and the last time you listened to a song.

This data is used to order your history and provide a list of your most popular songs. This information may also be used to provide a list of the most listened to songs on the SoundByte platform. In this case no personal user information will be collected. Your listen history is always private to your account.

Connected Providers

SoundByte allows you to connect to external music providers such as SoundCloud, Fanburst, YouTube and Spotify. By listening to music from these services, you agree to their respected Privacy Policies and Terms of Service.

Note: SoundByte is not affiliated, endorsed or certified in any way with these providers.

Provider Privacy Policy Terms of Service
Fanburst Click here Click here
SoundCloud Click here Click here
Spotify Click here Click here
YouTube Click here Click here

SoundByte uses the ITunes API when searching for Podcasts. The Apple Privacy Policy may apply: Apple Privacy Policy.

Last Updated: 26 May 2018.